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Sound settings

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How-to guide

Audio output

If you have multiple audio outputs, you will see this in a list. Examples of audio outputs include headphones, external speakers, monitor speakers, or laptop speakers.

You can select audio outputs for both call ringing, and call audio.

  • Call ringing is the sound played when are receiving a call. This will play the default ringtone, or the ringtone you have selected.
  • Call audio is the sound from the call, for example the voice of the person on the other end of the call.

Ringing volume

The ringing volume slider adjusts how loudly the ringtone plays when you receive a call. This only affects PhoneLine+ and is an alternative to adjusting volume for your whole device.



Not receiving sound

There are several reasons why sound may not be playing correctly.

Check that:

  • The ‘ringing volume’ slider in PhoneLine+ is not set to zero
  • During a call, that you are not ‘muted’
  • The correct audio output is selected within the ‘Call audio’ section of sound settings
  • The correct output device is selected within the ‘Microphone’ section of sound settings
  • Your audio output is switched on, if it has a separate power source
  • Your device sound is unmuted, and volume is turned up
  • That your audio output is working with other programs, to determine if this issue is specific to PhoneLine+
  • In your computer sound settings, that browsers or PhoneLine+ app are not muted

If you are still having issues with this feature, please contact your Service Provider.

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