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Porting your number to PhoneLine+: Q&A

Welcome to number porting.

As a PhoneLine+ customer, you may wish to transfer your phone number (or numbers) from one service provider to another. This is called a number port.

If your current number can be ported successfully, then you won’t need to choose a new one when you sign up for PhoneLine+. This saves you the hassle of informing your customers of any number changes.

Your existing number can be ported to PhoneLine+, but only if it is geographic geographic and single line.

What is a ‘Geographic’ number?

A UK Geographic number is a number specific to a town or city within the UK. Geographic numbers begin with 01 or 02.

What does ‘single line’ mean?

A single line is a phone line that maintains one call at a time, like a telephone you might use in your own home. These lines cannot handle multiple calls at once.

How can I check if my number is a single line?

Your current service provider may know if your number is a single or multi-line, so contact them before submitting a PhoneLine+ number port request. If this information isn’t readily available, discuss it with your PhoneLine+ service provider as they may be able to check for you.

How can I help my PhoneLine+ service provider with the porting process?

Before requesting a number port, gather the following information.

Check your recent phone bill for the correct:

  • Address. You need the address to which your number is registered.
  • The name of your current service provider.
  • The number type. Only geographic, single line numbers can be ported to PhoneLine+.

Note If the number you wish to port is embedded with your broadband provider, you may lose your broadband service if your number is successfully ported to PhoneLine+.

What happens if my number cannot be ported to PhoneLine+?

If your number cannot be ported to PhoneLine+ you will need to select a new one.

If my port order is successful, when will I be able to use my number for PhoneLine+?

When your port order is confirmed it will take 4-7 working days to process. Contact your PhoneLine+ service provider to request updates on the status of your port order.

All number ports to PhoneLine+ are triggered at 12pm on the day of port and can take up to 4 hours to complete.

Who should I contact for further information?

Please contact your service provider for further information on porting numbers to PhoneLine+.

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