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Making a call

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How-to guide

There are two main ways to make a call in PhoneLine+.

Use the dial pad to type the number you wish to call. Alternatively, you can click in the ‘enter number’ field at the top, and use your keyboard to enter the numbers you wish to dial.

You must use area codes when dialling a number.

To start a call, use enter on your keyboard, or the phone button

Call a contact

To open the contacts menu, press the contacts icon

From here you can access your own saved contacts, as well as contacts shared within your company and other PhoneLine+ users. You may also view your most recent call activity with your contacts by clicking the clock icon from the right hand side.

To call a contact, first click on their name.

This brings up all the numbers associated to that contact. You can click a specific number, or use the phone button to call their main number automatically.

Call short codes

The following telephone short codes can be used with PhoneLine+:

  • 999 – Emergency Services
  • 100 – Operator
  • 101 – Police enquiries (non-emergency)
  • 105 – Power cuts and emergencies
  • 111 – NHS urgent care advice
  • 119 – Covid-19
  • 123 – Speaking clock
  • 195 – Directory enquiries for blind / disabled users
  • 116123 – Samaritans


If you are not able to make calls, please check the following:

  • You have a number currently assigned to you
  • Your company does not have a firewall in place which may restrict VoIP calling

If your calls are not being made from the correct number, please check the following:

  • You have selected the default number that you wish to make calls from on the ‘My Numbers’ page (only applies if more than one number has been assigned to you)

If you are still having issues with this feature, please contact your Service Provider.


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